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GI MEDICINE: Trained in gastroenterology at one of the top medical centers in the nation, Brigham and Women's Hospital/Harvard Medical School, I study and treat patients with diseases affecting the gut, liver, and pancreas. The field is among the few that demands both cerebral and procedural expertise. I am constantly fascinated by how often our specialty intersects with a multitude of disciplines, including (but not restricted to) oncology (cancer), nephrology (kidneys), infectious disease, and autoimmune conditions. More recently, the creative minds in our field have devised novel, minimally-invasive methods to combat obesity and its associated ailments. I am now pursuing additional training in highly specialized, advanced endoscopic procedures.

PUBLIC HEALTH LEADERSHIP: Completed the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health Master's degree program with a focus on Clinical Effectiveness and Public Health Leadership.

SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY: As a top influencer and tweeter at multiple conferences, I have advised various professional organizations on social media strategy and sit on multiple committees of national medical societies. I strongly believe that social media has tremendous potential to change health behavior, health literacy, physician education, and professional networking. Join me as I study how to utilize social media to achieve these goals. Follow me on Twitter at @austinchiangmd.

MEDICAL TRAINING AND APPLICATIONS: One of the unique perspectives I have pursuing sub-specialization is the fortune of training at various renowned institutions, as well as interviewing at and learning about many others. Learn about helpful tips that will allow you to put your best foot forward in your own application process.