#HCSM: Public Health Impact

#HCSM: Public Health Impact

Scroll down for the third entry of this 6-part blog series on Healthcare and Social Media!

Here is parte dos in the 6-part series of social media and healthcare!

  1. #HCSM Series: Listen Up Medical Providers
  2. #HCSM Series: Keeping It Professional
  3. #HCSM Series: For The Patients
  4. #HCSM Series: Impacting Public Health
  5. #HCSM Series: Industry and the FDA
  6. #HCSM Series: Shaping Medical Education

Given how social media is so widely used nowadays, it's not surprising that some have used it for public health purposes. As explored in previous sections, medical professionals use social media to educate, medical journals use it to share their content, pharmaceutical companies introduce their products through social media, and patients share their experiences and concerns. However, the capabilities reach far beyond raising awareness about health issues. Novel applications of social media that have impacted public health include emergency response and epidemic tracking. However, as easy as it might be to disseminate good information, there is little that can be done to screen for inaccuracies. Unfortunately, some of these inaccuracies can lead to adverse health and financial outcomes.

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